Program #2004

New York jazz performer and arranger Uri Caine reworked Bach's Goldberg Variations for the 250th anniversary of J.S. Bach's death. Linking the improvisatory skills of Baroque musicians with those of jazz players, Caine's ensemble takes Bach's music back to its day with gamba quartet and lute. He also trips into the future with string quartet, tango, klezmer, jazz, and continues into the beyond, with 21st-century turntablists DJs Olive and Logic. To round out the show, Japanese pianist Aki Takahashi performs music by Akira Nishimura in the WNYC studio.

PROGRAM # 2004, Uri Caine, and Aki Takahashi (First aired on Wed. 2/6/02)





Uri Caine Ensemble

The Goldberg Variations

Aria [2:00]
Introitus Variation [3:30] Variation 9, Canon at the 3rd [1:30]
The Stomp Variation [2:30] Variation 11 [2:00]
The Contrapunto Variation [4:30]
Olive's Remix [:30]
The Minimal Variation [3:30]

Winter & Winter #WW 910-054. ; also available at*, and possibly in some better stores* (2 CD set is a German import).

Aki Takahashi

Norwegian Wood

A. Nishimura: Because [4:00]

Eastworld #TOCE 7345. Japanese release, part of Takahashi's "Hyper Beatles" series. It appears not to be available outside Japan.

Akira Nishimura

Works by Akira Nishimura, vol. 3

Mirror of the Stars [8:30]

spanec #3199. Japanese release, apparently not available in the US.

Akira Nishimura

Orchestral Works by Akira Nishimura

A Stream - After Dark (Piano Concerto), excerpt [4:30]

Camerata #28CM 523. Japanese release, apparently not available in the US.

Uri Caine Ensemble

The Goldberg Variations

The Eternal Variation [3:00]

See above.

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