Program #1946

This edition of New Sounds features works based on unusual source material, including “Wandering” by Toby Twining, from a 1998 WNYC exclusive recording. Performed by pianist and toy pianist Margaret Leng-Tan and intoned by John Ventimiglia, the work is based around the writings of Hermann Hesse, both essays and songs, and was set to music by Toby Twining. Also, there’s a church music theatre piece by Peter Michael Hamel inspired by the writings of the medieval German mystic Nikolaus Cusanus, along with Peter Garland’s work, "Walk In Beauty," which is a piece based on the peyote chants of the American southwest.

PROGRAM #1946 (First aired on Wednesday, August 15, 2001)





Toby Twining, Margaret Leng-Tan, John Ventimiglia

Live, WNYC, December 30, 1998

Mountain Pass/Walk At Night [5:30]
Small Town/Lost [9:30]

Not commercially recorded. Leng-Tan has recorded Twining's "Satie Blues" and "Nightmare Rag" on her album The Art of the Toy Piano, Point # 456 345**, available at*

Toby Twining Music, Twining's vocal quartet, recorded the CD Shaman, BMG/Catalyst #61981 (long out of print); and his most recent CD, "Chrysalid Requiem" is available at

Laurie Anderson

The Ugly One With The Jewels

Maria Teresa Teresa Maria, excerpt [2:00]

Warner Bros #45847**
Available at*

Peter Michael Hamel

De Visione Dei

In silentio contemplationis [7:00]
Deo Meo [10:30]

Celestial Harmonies #13193** or other online sources.

Peter Garland

Walk In Beauty

Walk In Beauty, excerpts [14:00]

New Albion #052** or other online sources.

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