Program #1996

On this edition of New Sounds, guitarist, composer, and founder of Windham Hill Records Will Ackerman presents music from his first album of vocal works, “Hearing Voices.” Hear choice cuts from the CD, featuring singers Samite of Uganda, Happy Rhodes, Curtis King, and Heather Rankin rendering haunting tunes in native tongues and imaginary dialects, as well as in English. Plus, a special live performance by drummer Glen Velez rounds out the show.

PROGRAM # 1996, with William Ackerman (First aired on Wed. 1/16/02)





William Ackerman

Hearing Voices

Briars Above The Well, excerpt [1:30]

Windham Hill/BMG #11608***

Glen Velez

Glen Velez and Shane Shanahan

Live, WNYC studios, broadcast on BBC 3, Jan 1, 2002

Bodhran [4:00]
Duet #9 for Dionysus [3:00]

Bodhran and many of Velez's ensemble works are available on his CDs; information at

William Ackerman

Hearing Voices

A Koan From Hugh [2:00]
His Old Eyes [5:00]
Walk With Me, excerpt [4:00]
Beneath The Tree [3:30]
In the Valley of Moses, excerpt [4:00]
Illumina [4:30]
Happy Ending [2:00]
Briars Above The Well, excerpt [1:30]

See above.

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