Program #2218

Dutch composer Louis Andriessen is fond of hard instrumental edges and combinations of rhythmic styles – Stravinsky’s driving vigor and Minimalism’s lulling repetitions are often found in his music. And, just to make it more difficult to pin down Andriessen, he craftily mixes electronic and traditional instruments in his works. Also on this program of new music from Holland, is a work by so-called proponent of “minimalist style”, Simeon Ten Holt, whose music relies not only on repetition, but also an absence of time. Plus hear the urban melodies of Thom Willems and the rootsy instrumental chamber group Flairck, all on this edition of New Sounds.

PROGRAM #2218, New Music from the Netherlands (First aired on Monday 11/17/03)





Simeon ten Holt

Canto Ostinato

Excerpt [7:00]

Emergo#EC-3944 More info at

Louis Andriessen

Gigantic Dancing Human Machine

Hout [10:30]

Cantaloupe #21012***

Simeon ten Holt

Canto Ostinato

Excerpt [5:00]

See above.


Live, WNYC, 8/16/89

The Emigrant [6:00]

Has been released on CD, and is available at

Thom Willems

The Loss of Small Detail

In The Middle Somewhat Elevated [4:00]

Accord#465 850 More info at Available for purchase at

Cornelis de Bondt


Le Deploration sur la mort de Johannes Ockeghem [7:30]

Nedelands Blazer Ensemble#004

New World Guitar Trio

New Sounds Live /New York Guitar Festival 92nd St. Y, 1/20/02

Chiel Meijering: The Insects Are Coming [5:00]

This performance not commercially available. A recording of the piece by the Amsterdam Guitar Trio is on a now out-of-print CD, RCA 60165. Try*

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