#1988: Program #1988

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Hear big bands from SE Europe, N. Africa, the Indian subcontinent,Europe and the U.S. on this New Sounds program. There’ll be blaring horns, insistent percussion, tricky meters and frenetic energy in this big band music. Up on the show is music from the film “Underground” by Goran Bregovic, explosive brass band music by the Kocani Orkestar from Macedonia, Willy Schwartz and an Indian brass band, and other manic horn playing.

PROGRAM #1988, new music for big bands (First aired on Dec. 26, 2001)





Goran Bregovic

Underground (soundtrack)

Underground Cocek [4:30]

Mercury #528 910
may be available as an import*

Kocani Orkestar

L'Orient Est Rouge

L'Orient Est Rouge [6:00]

Crammed Discs #craw 19. www.crammed.be*

Jaipur Kawa Brass Band

Fanfares Du Rajasthan

Man chali [4:00]

Kardum/Iris Musique #KAR 077. Available for purchase at Amazon.com*

Willy Schwarz

Live for the Moment

Masters [4:00]

Clearspot #028.

Les Miserables Brass Band

Manic Traditions

Jhanibar Di Panwan Chankar [4:00]

Northeastern #5004. May be out of print, but try Amazon.com*

Orchestre Nationale de Barbès

En Concert

Alaoui [7:00]

Tinder #428 53192** www.worldmusic.com/tinder tinder@worldmusic.com 1-800-900-4527

Gebhard Ullmann

Ta Lam Zehn

Ta Lam [9:00]

Leo #290 www.atlas.co.uk/leorecords or www.gebhard-ullmann.com



All Folks Welcome [7:30]

Monkey #01. www.monkeyworksmusic.com or monkey@monkeyworksmusic.com

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