Program #1978

Acoustic music from the Wayfaring Strangers is on this New Sounds program, along with a work from contemporary guitarist Marc Ribot. Also hear guitar music based on ragas from India from the late Robbie Basho. Sometimes known as the “father of the American raga”, Basho played on western guitars the exotic sounds of Hindu, Chinese and Japanese scales and Persian, Arabic or American Indian themes.

PROGRAM # 1978 (First aired on Wed. September 26, 2001)





Robbie Basho


Pavan Hindustan, excerpt

Takoma #8913**
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The Wayfaring Strangers

Shifting Sands of Time

Man of Constant Sorrow [3:30] Wayfaring Stranger [6:30]

Rounder #11661-0484** or*

Robbie Basho


The Falconer's Arm [9:30]

See above.

Marc Ribot


I'm Getting Sentimental Over You [4:00]
Empty [2:30]

Atlantic/Division One #83461**
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Parmela Attariwala

Beauty Enthralled

Rick Bidlack: Beauty Enthralled [10:30]

Hornblower Recordings #97102. Hornblower, Box 365 Stn. E, Toronto M6H 4E2, Canada

Djam Karet

Suspension & Displacement

Dark Clouds, No Rain [10:00]

Cuneiform Records #rune129**.,

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