Program #2194

Concert works inspired by non-Western traditions take center stage on this edition of New Sounds. Hear Lou Harrison’s "Threnody for Carlos Chavez," written for viola and gamelan ensemble, as well as a work by New Zealand’s Gareth Farr, who, like Harrison, draws on percussive influences of the Pacific. Then there’s music by composer Tunde Jegede, from his CD “Lamentation”, which incorporates both of the instruments he plays - the West African harp-lute known as kora and the European traditional classical cello. Also on tap is music by Armenian composer Tigran Mansurian.

PROGRAM #2194 Concert Works Based On World Music (First aired Tues. 9-23-03)





Lou Harrison

Drums Along The Pacific

Threnody for Carlos Chavez [8:00]

New Albion #122***

Kim Kashkashian


T Mansurian: Havik [5:00]
Komitas/arr. Mansurian: Krunk [2:30]

ECM #1754***

Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival


Gareth Farr: Kambang Suling [10:00] OR, OR 212-741-9403

Tunde Jegede


Heat Haze [10:00]
Hill Of Solitude - Valley Of Festivity [8:00]

Triciom Records #1001

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