Program #2115

Some large-scale symphonic works take center stage on this edition of New Sounds. Michael Gordon's Decasia is described by its composer as "a large-scale single movement relentlessly monumental work about decay - the decay of melody, the decay of tuning, the decay of classical music itself." If that doesn't get your attention, it's worth considering that Gordon has retuned a giant amplified orchestra to resemble a piano fallen from a great height, with gripping strings, four detuned pianos, and massive winds and brass. We also hear a new recording of Steve Reich’s Music for Large Ensemble (1977), in a performance by Alarm Will Sound and Ossia. And to conclude the show, a portion of Terry Riley's epic, In C.

PROGRAM #2115 Music for large ensembles (First aired on 1/15/03)





Steve Reich

Triple Quartet

Music For A Large Ensemble [15:00]

Nonesuch #79546*
Available for purchase at*

Michael Gordon


Decasia, excerpt [18:00]

Cantaloupe #21008*

The Styrenes

Terry Riley: In C

In C, excerpt [16:00]

Enja #9435*

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