Program #1957

Composer Ingram Marshall presents his orchestral work “Kingdom Come”, a memory piece incorporating his own field recordings of Croatian and Serbian church congregations and a Bosnian epic singer. Listen for Marshall’s electroacoustic effects which transform the sounds of a Croatian congregation singing a hymn into something low, slow and rumbling. These same effects come into play in “Hymnodic Delays”, featuring the Theatre of Voices and Paul Hillier. Also, from Marshall’s work “Dark Waters”, hear “Holy Ghost” with an unusual instance of what is usually a Baroque instrument - oboe d’amore.

PROGRAM # with Ingram Marshall (First aired on Tues, 10/9/01)





Ingram Marshall

Kingdom Come/Hymnodic Delays/Fog Tropes II

Bright Hour Delayed [5:00]
Kingdom Come [16:30]

Nonesuch #79613** or available at*

Ingram Marshall

Dark Waters

Holy Ghosts [14:30]

New Albion #112** or other online sources*

Benjamin Verdery


I. Marshall: Soepa, excerpt [1:30]

Mushkatweek Records #200.**
Available at*

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