Program #2185

It's a bit late, but we'll finally get to the August program of new releases. John Schaefer once again picks through the bucketloads of CDs that have flooded his office to find new releases worthy of showcasing in tonight's program. [Oh if only we'd had a wide-angle lens to capture the REST of the office, and not merely the desk...]

PROGRAM #2185, New Releases, August ‘03               (Tues., 9-2-03)                                      





Art Ensemble Of Chicago

Tribute To Lester

Sangredi [7:30]
Suite for Lester [5:30]

ECM #1808*

Adam Rudolph & Go: Organic Orchestra

Web Of Light

Pulsar, Pts 3&4 [6:00]


Tim Brady

Twenty Quarter Inch Jacks

Lassus [4:30]
Big Chords [4:30]
Closing [2:00]

Ambiances Magnetiques #107

Elliott Sharp & Bobby Previte

The Prisoner’s Dilemma

Illusion’s Web [6:00]

GROB # 434

Guy Klucevsek & Phillip Johnston

Tales From The Cryptic

Satie: Petite Ouverture A Danser [2:00]
A Pear For Satie [4:30]

Winter & Winter #910088

Stian Carstensen

Farmers Market

Old Slow Melody [3:00]

Winter & Winter #910 056



Music From the Empty Corner, (excerpt) [3:30]

Faith Strange #2

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