Program #1953

Tonight’s New Sounds features new music for piano, or many pianos. Some works are for conventional piano, like Marti Epstein’s spacious and referential “Waterbowls”. Also, hear Jeff Keezer take dubbed layers of piano to create amazing textures along with other piano works in unconventional tunings and tonal colors. Pianist Kathleen Suppove pounds out a knuckle-twister of a piece by Frederic Rzewski, “Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues” to round out the program.

PROGRAM # 1953, new music for piano (First aired on Mon. 9/10/01)





Geoff Keezer

Zero One

Sleepflying [4:00] Let Down/Hypnagong [5:00]

Dreyfus Records #FDM 36703.

Kathleen Supove

Figure 88

Marti Epstein: Waterbowls [10:30]

CRI/Emergency Music #653 Now out of print, but try*

Philip Corner

40 Years And One

Short Piano Piece IV [3:00]

XI #125** or

Frederic Lagnau

Journey To Inti

A quelle heure arrive le vent, excerpt [12:00]

Theatre D'Evreux #TE-01. Appears to be a private CD; further info unavailable.

Loretta Goldberg

Zygotones: Contemporary American music for piano, Yamaha disklavier, and sampler

Warren Burt: Repetition Is/Is Not A Theorem [4:30]

Centaur #2470**.

Kathleen Supove

Figure 88

Frederic Rzewski: Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues [10:00]

See above.

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