Program #1952

Music from the Portuguese Diaspora takes center stage on this edition of New Sounds. While small in population, Portugal's influence extends across the Atlantic Ocean, and artists like Paolo Braganca and Madredeus have much in common with the choro practitioners of Brazil. We also hear works by Cesaria Evora, who hails from the Cape Verde, off the northwest coast of Africa; Caetano Veloso, the legendary Brazilian singer and a founder of the tropicalia cultural movement; and other artists from Portuguese-speaking Africa and South America.

PROGRAM #1952, The Portuguese Diaspora (First aired on Thurs, 9/6/01)





Cesaria Evora

Sao Vicente

Sao Vicente di Longe, excerpt [2:00]

Windham Hill #11590** or other online sources

Egberto Gismonti & Nana Vasconcelos

Duas Vozes

Bianca [6:30]

ECM #1279**

Paolo Bragança


January, Night, Full Moon [3:30]

Luaka Bop #46334** or other online sources

Caetano Veloso


O Estrangeiro [6:00]

Nonesuch #60898** PRMS* or other online sources


Classics Revisited

Consolaçao [4:00]

Six Degrees #657036-1010.**



Ecos Na Catedral [6:30]

Metro Blue #31590** or

Cesaria Evora

Sao Vicente

Negue [3:30]

See above.

Afropea, Vol. 3

Telling Stories To The Sea

Bonga: Mona Ki Ngi Xica [5:00]

Luaka Bop #45669** or other online sources

Various artists

Saba Saba

Conjunto Nimala De Lalauah: Noijukuru [5:00]

GlobeStyle #077.** and other online sources.

Afropea, Vol. 3

Telling Stories To The Sea

Conjunto Africa Negra: Bo Lega Caço Mode Bo [6:00]

See above.

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