#1947: Program #1947

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While much so-called performance art and experimental theater is not known for its accessibility, a playful warmth and often self-deprecating humor characterizes the work of Laurie Anderson, who we hear on this edition of New Sounds from August 28, 2001. Equally captivating are musical works we hear from experimental music/theater productions by Erling Wold, Frank Garvey, and Bo Holten.

PROGRAM #1947, Music from Music/Theater Works (First aired on Tues, 8/28/01)





Bo Holten

Holten / Rosing-Schow: Ofeo & Sommerfugledalen

Orfeo Fragmenter: 3 [5:00]
2 [4:30]
4 [3:30]

Ex Libris #30055. Danish CD by the choir Ars Nova. Info at www.arsnova.dk

Laurie Anderson

Talk Normal: The Laurie Anderson Anthology

The Rotowhirl [4:00]

Rhino/Warner Archives #76648**, www.rhino.com, or other online sources.

Frank Garvey & Deus Machina

House of the Deafman

Deafman I [3:00]
Bonedance [3:00]
Deafman II [6:30] Compulsion [3:30]
Red Cloud Rise [2:00]

Innova #538. www.innovarecordings.com ; innova@composersforum.com; 651-228-1407.

Laurie Anderson

Talk Normal: The Laurie Anderson Anthology

The Ouija Board [4:00]

See above.

Erling Wold

A Little Girl Dreams Of Taking The Veil

Academy of Science, excerpt [2:30]
First Prayer and Tenebreuse 2 [6:30]
Celestial Bridegroom [2:00]

Spooky Pooch #169. Info: www.erlingwold.com

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