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In honor of the great American conceptual composer John Cage, who died 11 years ago today, New Sounds features works written in tribute to him after his death. These include works by Simon Jeffes of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, David Borden, director of the digital music program at Cornell, Chinese-American composer Tan Dun, and downtown percussionist Charles K. Noyes.

PROGRAM #2063 John Cage Memorial Works (First aired on 8/12/02)





John Cage

Daughters of the Lonesome Isle - Margaret Leng Tan, pianos

Bacchanale [2:00]

New Albion #070**

Various artists


S. Jeffes: Cage Dead [4:30]

Real World #CAROL-62348**

Charles K. Noyes

Full Stop

John Cage in Heaven [8:30]

Ecstatic Peace #20. http://www.smellslikerecords.com

Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company

Like A Duck to Water

C-A-G-E, Pt. 2 [13:00]

Earthquack #002
1978 LP, long out of print

Margaret Leng Tan


Waiting, for piano [1:00]
Waiting, for prepared piano [1:00]

This particular performance not commercially available. For more info on Tan, go to www.mode.com

John Cage

The Works for Piano, Vol. 4 -Margaret Leng Tan

Totem Ancestor [2:00]

Mode #106**

Min Xiao-Fen

New Sounds Live, New York Guitar Festival Marathon, 1/20/02

Tan Dun: CAGE [6:00]

Available on the CD With Six Composers *. Info online at http://www.minxiaofen.myweb.nl/

*, ** - Find the recordings you've heard - go to the New Sounds Recordings Information page