#381: Program #381

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From October 30, 1989, the infamous "cooking show" with composer/raconteur Robert Moran. Recorded while cooking an Indian dinner in John Schaefer's kitchen, for reasons still not entirely clear. Along the way, we hear an "acoustic" version of Cage's 0:00 - for amplification of chopping vegetables and blender. And don't miss the teary conversation as onions are chopped. View the the recipes.

PROGRAM #381: "With Guest Robert Moran" (Original broadcast date: 10/30/1989)





Robert Moran

live, Merkin Hall 2/89

"Hagoromo" excerpt [9:00]

Not commercially available. For info on Moran's available music, http://members.macconnect.com
OR E-mail: rbtmoran@macconnect.com
OR contact Charlotte Benson Music Publishers PO Box 54202 Philadelphia, PA 19105

private tape

"Points of Departure" excerpt [10:00]

live, Merkin Hall 2/89

"Hagoromo" excerpt [9:00]

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