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Dramatically set in the largest extant medieval city in the world, the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music is one of the world's most unique and enterprising musical events. From the 2001 edition of the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, New Sounds presents a typically international lineup: flamenco composer/singer Enrico Morente, Upper Egypt's Sheik Ahmad Al-Tuni, India's Afroz Bano, and South Africa's group Colenso Abafana.

PROGRAM # 1935, A Fez Festival Sampler, 2001 (First aired on 7/11/01)





Colenso Abafana

Live, Dar Batha Museum, 3 June 2001

Unidentified Zulu song [7:30]

Colenso Abafana's CD "Zulu Polyphony" is available online in France
An MP3 file of their song Izangoma is available:

Enrique Morente

Live, Bab Makina, 5 June 2001

Misa Flamenca, excerpt [8:30]

The Misa Flamenca has been recorded. It and other Morente CDs are available online from Also, has Morente CDs, but not this one.

Sheik Ahmed Al-Tuni

Live, Bab Makina, 4 June 2001

Suite of Sufi Songs of Upper Egypt, excerpts [26:00]

Al-Tuni's CD Sultan of All Munshidin is available from

Afroz Bano & Ensemble

Live, Dar Batha Museum, 2 June 2001

La Meri Bhat Rakiyoo Bala Joolelal [5:00]

No recordings currently available.

Music from past editions of the annual Fez Festival of World Sacred Music is available on the CDs Hamdulillah, Bismillah, and Under the Moroccan Sky, from Sounds True Records. Available in stores or online,

For information on the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, check out their website:

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