Program #2172

July 1st is Canada Day (in Canada, at least), and we celebrate with music from north of the border by electric guitarist Tim Brady, sound designer Matthew Patton, soundtrack composer Mychael Danna, instrument maker Robert Minden, and others.

PROGRAM #2172 New Music from Canada (Tuesday, 7-1-03)





Plunderphonic (John Oswald)

Private CD

Aria [2:00]

Not commercially available.


The Best of Nexus

Passage [4:30]

Nexus #10251

Tim Brady

10 Collaborations

Dance Me To The End, Pt. 2 [7:30]

Justin Time #8484/5

Mychael Danna

Private tape

The Ice Storm, out-takes [8:00]

The commercial recording of the soundtrack to "The Ice Storm" is available in stores**, but doesn't include this music.

Matthew Patton

Speaking In Tongues

The Rain City [7:30]

Marquis Classics #139, but the CD seems to be out of print. Try

Robert Minden & Carla Hallett

Are You Now

Duet [4:00]

Otter Bay #104
Available at

Plunderphonic (John Oswald)

Private CD

Birth [2:30]
7th [4:00]

Not commercially available.

Alain Thibault


E.L.V.I .S. [7:30]

iMedia #9002
Available through

*, ** Find the recordings you've heard - go to the New Sounds Recordings Information page