Program #1929

Morton Feldman's landmark 1971 piece "Rothko Chapel" was designed as a consciously meditative work for this architectural space in Houston, Texas, itself constructed as a place for contemplation for persons of all faiths or none. Designed to be heard by a listener surrounded with the sounds of the chapel itself, the work contains a section using a wordless chorus which intone beautiful chords. It's one of several pieces featuring wordless vocalises on this edition of New Sounds, including Meredith Monk's "Astronaut Anthem," Schnittke's "Psalm of Repentance," and others.

PROGRAM #1929, Hums and Vocalises (First aired on June 25, 2001)





Meredith Monk

Do You Be

Astronaut Anthem [5:00]

ECM #1336**

Alfred Schnittke

Psalms of Repentance

Psalm XII [8:30]

ECM #1583, see above.

Thomas De Hartmann/arr. Alain Kremski

Meetings With Remarkable Men

The Great Prayer [5:30]

Varese Sarabande #81139. May be out of print.

Morton Feldman

Rothko Chapel/Why Patterns

Rothko Chapel [24:00]

New Albion #039** (

Orlando Jacinto Garcia

La Belleza Del Silencio/The Beauty of Silence

On the Eve of the Second Anniversary of Morton's Death [6:00]

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