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A globe-trotting assortment of musicians has made its way to the WNYC performance studios over the years, and just a few are featured on this April 24, 1998 program, from pianist Richie Beirach to Australian didjeridoo player Adam Plack. We also hear sami music from Norway; Mecca Bodega, from the Subways of New York; and to begin, Toby Twining Music, an a cappella quartet that was active in New York during the early 1990s. The group performs "Between Stars" recorded in 1993, a year before the release of the group's debut CD on BMG.

Program #1521, "Another Private Reel" (first broadcast April 24, 1998)





Toby Twining Music

Live, WNYC, 11/93

Between Stars [5:00]

TTM's record Shaman is BMG/Catalyst #61981, but is out of print. For further info: www.tobytwiningmusic.com

Samite of Uganda

Live, WNYC, 10/92

Munamateka [2:30]

Also on Samite's CD Pearl of Africa Reborn on Shanachie Records ** www.shanachie.com

The Mari Boine Band

Live, WNYC, 7/96

Gula Gula [5:30]

The CD Gula Gula by Mari Boine [Persen] is on the Real World label** www.realworldrecords.com


Live, WNYC, 6/96

Pedalpolska [4:00]

Pedalpolska appears on their CD, "Spirit", on NorthSide Records www.noside.com

Adam Plack

Live, WNYC, 11/92

Improvisation for didjeridoo and bilma [3:00]

Plack is part of the No World Improvisations project, on O.O. Discs #4 www.oodiscs.com

Mecca Bodega

Live, WNYC, 10/97

Campfire Fingers [5:00]

The CD "Subway Stories" is in stores**, on Hybrid Records. Other CDs are available at www.meccabodega.com

Libby Van Cleve

Live, WNYC, 2/96

I.Marshall: Dark Waters [16:00]

The CD, "Dark Waters" is on the New Albion labels #112 and is available for purchase at Amazon.com*

Richie Beirach

Live, WNYC, 11/92

Mompou: Impresiones Intimas #1 [4:00]

Beirach's CDs are on the CMP label. Try ACT Music www.actmusic.com
Or Omnitone www.omnitone.com

*, ** - Find the recordings you've heard - go to the New Sounds Recordings Information page