Program #2162

Experimental Musical Instruments is an organization devoted to interesting and unusual musical instruments of all sorts. For many years its leading activity was the production of a quarterly journal devoted to the topic. While the magazine ceased publication in 1999, the organization continues with a variety of instrument-related activities, including the production of books and CDs. We hear examples of its activity with works by Richard Cooke, One Ring Zero, and John Gzowski. Also, we hear soundscape music by Russia's Nick Sudnick.

PROGRAM # 2162, Experimental Musical Instruments (First aired on June 6, 2003)





Hans Reichel


A Life Without Lychees [4:00]
You Can Dance With Me [5:30]

Free Music Production #all003. or

Experimental Musical Instruments

Later Years

Richard Cooke: Return to Misty Mountain [4:00]
One Ring Zero: Dead Animals [3:30]
John Gzowski: Variation #5 [4:00]

Experimental Musical Instruments #0016 or 415-662-2182

Nick Sudnick


#9 [2:30]

Long Arms Records (Russian cd) #02047

Hans Reichel


Sometimes at Night [5:00]

See above.

Jeff Abell & Barbara Steg

Natural Acts

Gambuh, excerpt [5:00]

E-mail for information about the CD. For more info on Abell, go to

Mark Deutsch


Sword of Damocles [8:30]

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