#693: Program #693

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The sixth of the theme and variation shows (July 10, 1991) features one of the most distinctive and most exciting musical performances in the world, the Kecak, or monkey chant from the island of Bali. A performance of the Kecak brings together a couple hundred Balinese men, who sit in concentric circles and chant syllables over and over in interlocking rhythmic patterns. We hear a number of Western pieces that were inspired by the rhythms and the melodies of the Kecak: by the German composer Eberhard Schoener, Japanese composer Akira Nishimura, and the Italian team of Musci & Venosta.

PROGRAM #693: "Theme & Variations #6: Kecak" (First aired on 7/10/91)






Music from the Morning of the World

(Music from Bali)

"Ketjak: The Rama-yana Monkey Chant", (excerpt){5:00}

Nonesuch/Explorer #79814** www.nonesuch.com

Akira Nishimura

Work Of...

"Ketiak" {11:00}

Musica Camerata #32CM-89. www.archivmusic.com

Eberhard Schoener

Bali Agung

"Ketjak" {3:00}

Celestial Harmonies #002.
Info at www.eberhard-schoener.com, but the album seems to be long out of print.

Musci & Venosta

Messages & Portraits

"Digital Ketjak" {2:00}

Cuneiform #ReR-MVCD. Available at Amazon.com*


Music from the Morning of the World

"Ketjak: The Rama-yana Monkey Chant", (excerpt){6:00}

See above.


Kecak - The Balinese Music Drama

"Rama's Libera- tion" {3:00}

Bridge #9019. www.bridgerecords.com

A. Leroy

Live, Merkin Hall, 3/89

"Ramayana Monkey March" {11:00}

Not commercially available.

The Ordinaires

The Ordinaires

"Ramayana" {5:00}

Dossier #ST-7509. Now out of print. According to their website, Bar-None Records plans to reissue the record. www.bar-none.com

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