Program #1914

Juan Martin is among today's leading proponents of Spanish guitar music's storied traditions, the flamenco and medieval Iberian music guitar genres. A native of Andalucía, he still has a home in Málaga, though he tours around the world continuously, and has recorded 14 albums, mostly as a composer. We sample this fascinating virtuoso on this edition of New Sounds.

PROGRAM # 1914, with Juan Martin (First aired on May 7, 2001)





Juan Martin


Bulerias: Santiago/La Frontera [2:30]

Santiago is originally from the CD Luna Negra; La Frontera is on the CD Musica Alhambra, see below.

Juan Martin

Musica Alhambra

La Frontera [5:30] La Rosa Enflorece {4:00]

FlamencOvision #FV04.** or

Juan Martin


Rumba Nostalgica [5:30]

Also appears on the CD El Alquimista, see below.

Juan Martin

El Alquimista

Tu Eres La Fuente [3:00] Torrente Del Alma [6:30]
En El Palacio del Sultan [3:30]

FlamencOvision #FV06**. or

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