Program #1925

For years, electric guitarist and composer Jon Catler has been devoted to the exploration of the "notes-between-the-notes," or microtonal music. He has redesigned his guitar to allow an unprecedented range of consonance and dissonance, alternating between a 62-note per octave fretted guitar and a fretless. On this edition of New Sounds, we hear Catler's selections from the World Out of Tune Festival, an annual event dedicated to the notion of "keeping in tune with Nature" through microtonal music.

PROGRAM # 1925, with Jon Catler (First aired on June 11, 2001)





Jean C. Roche, producer

Les Grands Virtuoses/The Great Masters

Pied Butcher-bird [1:30]

Sittelle #30008. Seems to be out of print.

Robert Johnson

The Complete Recordings

Hellhound On My Trail [2:30]

Columbia #46222**
Available at*



Baltimore Blues [4:30]

Freenote #2002. Available in stores like the Downtown Music Gallery, E. 4 St, ( and online at

Jon Catler

Evolution for Electric Guitar and Orchestra

Consummation, excerpt [5:00]

Freenote, limited release, see preceding.

La Monte Young

The Second Dream of the High Tension Line Stepdown Transformer from the Four Dreams of China

Excerpt [5:00]

Gramavision #79467. Now out of print. Try online sources like that specialize in hard to find items.

Jon Catler

Evolution for Electric Guitar and Orchestra

Finale [13:00]

Freenote, limited release, see preceding.

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