Program #1908

Many of today's leading composers have been attracted to writing choral music, attracted by its sheer popularity, wide variety of potential styles, and the warm, full timbres the medium is known for. On this edition of New Sounds, host John Schaefer presents choral works by Zbigniew Preisner, Arvo Pärt, John Tavener, Steven Sametz, Henryk Gorecki, and others.

PROGRAM # 1908, choral music (First aired on April 12, 2001)


John Tavener

Taverner To Tavener: The Christ Church Cathedral Choir

Hymn to the Holy Spirit, excerpt [1:30]

Nimbus #5328

Zbigniew Preisner

Requiem For My Friend

Officium [3:30] Agnus Dei [1:30] Lacrimosa [3:00] Destiny [9:30]

Erato #24146** OR
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Arvo Pärt


De Profundis [6:30]

ECM #1325**


Colors Of Love

Steven Sametz: in time of [9:30]

Teldec #24570**
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Zbigniew Preisner

Requiem For My Friend

Lacrimosa - Day Of Tears [4:00]

See above.

Robert Shaw Festival Singers:

Evocation of the Spirit /Gorecki, Pärt, Martin, etc.

Henryk Gorecki: Totus Tuus, excerpt [10:00]

Telarc #80406**
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