Program #1906

British composer Gavin Bryars first made is musical reputation as a jazz bassist working in the mid-sixties with improvisers Derek Bailey and Tony Oxley. He also worked closely with such composers as Cornelius Cardew, as well as founding the legendary Portsmouth Sinfonia, which acquired a cult status for its performances and recordings of the classical repertoire. We hear excerpts from his 2001 collaboration with Merce Cunningham, "Biped."

PROGRAM # 1906, with Gavin Bryars (First aired on 4/3/01)





Gavin Bryars


Part I [7:00]

Part II [12:30]

Part III [9:00]

Part IV [8:30]

Part V, excerpt [3:00]

GB Records #BCGBCD-02. Available online through . Bryars' other recordings include "Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet" and "Sinking of the Titanic," both on Point Records; "Vita Nova" and "Three Viennese Dancers," both on ECM Records, and numerous others.* Further info available at Bryars' website.

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