Program #2143

In celebration of the one-year anniversary of Soundcheck, host John Schaefer treats New Sounds listeners to live performances by Yo-Yo Ma, Sex Mob, Ute Lemper, and others.

PROGRAM #2143, Live Music from WNYC's "Soundcheck" (aired on Tuesday, 4/8/03)





Yo-Yo Ma & The Silk Road Project

Live, 6/25/02

Little Blue Flower [2:30]

A longer version is on the Yo-Yo Ma / Silk Road Project CD, Sony #89782
Available for purchase at*


Live 1/8/03

Enit Sofya [4:00]

Divahn's CD is out on Miz Rocky Records

Anonymous 4

Live 6/19/02

Angel Band [2:00]

Due for release on the CD, "American Angels", due in 2004

Ute Lemper

Live, 5/3/02

Piazzolla:Oblivion [4:00]

Now on Lemper's CD "But One Day" on Universal Classics 473491, available for purchase at*

Stephin Merritt

Live, 2/14/03

The Book Of Love [3:30]

Also on the 3 CD set "69 Love Songs" by Merritt's band The Magnetic Fields. Available for purchase at*

Theo Bleckman

Live, 10/15/02

Kraftwerk: Das Model [4:30]

Not commercially available.

The Bad Plus

Live, 2/12/03

Blondie: Heart Of Glass [5:00]

Also on the CD, "These Are The Vistas", on Columbia Records; available for purchase at*

Sex Mob

Live, 7/29/03

How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm Medley [7:00]

Not commercially available.

Ethel & Gutbucket

Live, 12/17/02

Night On Hamster Mountain [6:30]

Not commercially available. Gutbucket's CD, Insomniacs Dream KFW 299 is available on Knitting Factory Records

So Percussion

Live, 11/27/02

David Lang: the So-Called Laws Of Nature, Part 3 [10:00]

Not yet commercially available.

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