Program #1911

New Sounds takes a listen to Klezmer influenced music on this episode. Kroke is a klezmer band from Kraków, Poland. Their CD, The Sounds of the Vanishing World features song titles like "Earth," "Air", "Time," and "Dance," reflecting a concern with and social issues. Also, trumpeter, bandleader and composer Dave Douglas presents a strange and compelling mix of tango, Eastern European folk, and klezmer, all in the framework of the New York downtown jazz scene. Highlighting his disc, A Thousand Evenings, is "The Branches, Pt. 2," featuring accordion player Guy Klucevsek.

PROGRAM #1911, new music with Klezmer roots (First aired on Fri, 4/20/01)





Dave Tarras

Freilach Yidelach

Dem Trisken Rebbin's Chosid [2:00]

Global Village #106.; 212-695-6024 (ph) or -6025 (fax)

Dave Douglas

A Thousand Evenings

The Branches (for Dave Tarras), Part 2 [7:30]

BMG #63698**
Available for purchase at*


The Sounds of the Vanishing World

Time [6:00] Earth [5:00]

Oriente Musik #RIEN24. In the US, Hatikvah Music, , , (323) 655-7083. Elsewhere, check out

Matt Darriau's Paradox Trio

New Sounds Live, Merkin Hall, 3/15/01

Adaluz [10:00]

Paradox Trio CDs include "Source," "Flying At A Slant," and "Paradox Trio;" they are in stores, and available on the Knitting Factory label, or 212-219-3006.


The Sounds of the Vanishing World

Water [12:00] Fire [6:00] Air [2:00]

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