Program #2140

On tonight's New Sounds, host John Schaefer surveys some of the latest CDs to hit store bins this spring, in our monthly new release program.

PROGRAM #2140, new releases, March 2003 (aired on Monday, 3/31/03)





Dave Douglas

Freak In

Porto Alegre [6:00]

Bluebird #64008**. * or

Ethos Percussion Group

Sol Tunnels

Glen Velez: Sol Tunnels, excerpt [6:00]

Ethos Percussion Group #6878.

Patrick Grant

Genome - the autobiography of a species

Species [3:30] Environment [2:00] Self-Assembly [2:00] or

Savina Yannatou

Terra Nostra

Schubho Lhaw Qolo [3:30]
With The Moon I'm Walking [2:30]

ECM #1856**.*

Michael Atherton

Sea And Mountain - Music in the Korean Styles

Harvest Moon [5:30]

Celestial Harmonies #13170.***

Katrina Krimsky

Time Over Time

Terry Riley: A Rainbow In Curved Air [7:30]

Charmed Quarks #3081.

Michael Byron

Awakening At The Inn Of The Birds

Continents of City and Love, excerpt [8:00]

Cold Blue #0012.** *

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