Program #2056

On tonight's New Sounds, Moroccan singer/musician Hassan Hakmoun performs live in the WNYC studios, and discusses his CD, The Gift. Hakmoun is among today's most gifted exponents of Moroccan, and especially, Gnawa music, a style of Moroccan devotional music performed in all-night healing-trance ceremonies. Since he arrived in the U.S. 15 years ago, Hakmoun has electrified it, joined it with rock and funk, added Arabic, reggae, and Indian pop elements - and on The Gift, helped popularize it with crossover sounds.

PROGRAM #2056 with Hassan Hakmoun (First aired on 7/12/02)





Hassan Hakmoun



Mimouna [6:00]

This performance not commercially available, but the song appears on Triloka #79301-85228**

Hassan Hakmoun

The Gift

Lala Aisha [5:30]
This Gift [3:30]

See above.

Hassan Hakmoun


El Hedia [3:30]

See above.

Joel Cohen & Camerata Mediterrea, Mohammed Brionel Andalusian Orch. Of Fes


Bughya [1:00]
Cantiga 100 [3:30]
Cantiga 52 [2:00]
Tushiyas [2:00]
Allah Hoo Yalamo [2:00]
Cantiga 250 [2:30]
Cantiga 320 [3:30]

Erato #25498
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