Program #2055

On this edition of New Sounds host John Schaefer presents a variety of world music with African roots. We hear British guitarist Justin Adams, whose album Desert Road shows his particular interest in North African and West African music. Ali Farka Toure has adapted traditional music in ten languages from Mali's enormous cultural wealth. The five-member band Nass El Ghiwane concocted an uncompromisingly radical new music with driving beats and a barely concealed political edge beginning in the early 1970s. And The Sudani Project is a Jazz/Gnawa collaboration featuring saxophonist Patrick Brennan, Gnawi M'allim Najib Sudani, and percussionist/vocalist Nirankar Khalsa.

PROGRAM #2055 World music with African roots (First aired on 7/10/02)





Ali Farka Toure & Ry Cooder


Ai Du +2

Diaraby [5:30]

Promotional release/ Hannibal #VRCD 2-1381. Not for commercial release

Ali Farka Toure & Ry Cooder

Talking Timbuktu

Gommi [6:30]

Hannibal #1381.**

Justin Adams

Desert Road

Wayward [4:30]
Majnoun & Leila [6:00]

World Village #468009

Nass El Ghiwane

Live from the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music
at the Bab Makina, Fez, Morocco, June 29, 2000

Unidentified song [4:30]

Nass El Ghiwane has 4 CDs available online. Try

Justin Adams

Desert Road

Wallahee [6:00]

See above.


Patrick Brennan,
M'Allim Najib Sudani, Nirankar Khalsa, et al.

Marhaba Ya Marhaba, excerpt [7:00]

Deep Dish #104

Ali Farka Toure

The Source

Mahini Me [3:00]

Hannibal #1375**

Justin Adams

Desert Road

First Star [3:00]

See above.

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