Program #2130

Now over two decades running, the annual American Festival of Microtonal Music offers New Yorkers a feast of microtonal works - those which use pitches and musical scales not organized in the standard twelve tone to the octave equally tempered way. Microtonal music includes works that make finer divisions within the traditional tuning system, usually by dividing each semitone into two quarter-tones. Host John Schaefer welcomes Johnny Reinhard, microtonal composer/bassoonist, who presents highlights from recent installments.

PROGRAM # 2130, Microtonal Music, with Johnny Reinhardt (First aired on Fri. 3/7/03)





Skip La Plante

La Plante Home Made

Concerto for Bassoon and Homemade Instruments, excerpt [1:30]

Due in mid-2003 on Pitch Records. Will be available via (site currently under construction)

Various artists


C. Ives: The Unanswered Question [6:00]

Same as above.

Various artists


L. Harrison: At The Tomb Of Charles Ives [4:00]

Same as above.

Various artists


Sigbjørn Apeland Ensemble: Jeg ser deg [7:00]

Same as above.

Various artists


J. Carillo: Preludio a Colon [4:00]

Same as above.

American Festival of Microtonal Music/J.S.Bach

Private tape

Brandenburg Concerto #4, 2nd movement, excerpt [2:30]


Aguava New Music Ensemble

Canticum Novum

J. Eaton: Kyrie, from Mass [4:00]

Aguava #2001 T. or

Michael Harrison



MHM #101.

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