Program #2129

In the first of three consecutive Thursday programs, host John Schaefer presents highlights from the New Sounds Live concerts at the World Financial Center. We hear the Alloy Orchestra performing a new score to the silent film "South," the amazing tale of English explorers attempting to cross the South polar ice cap. Famed for its "rack of junk" (an assemblage of peculiar objects including horseshoes, air-conditioner ducts, trunk springs, and plumbing pipes) the Alloy Orchestra is arguably the finest modern-day purveyor of silent movie scores in this country.
PROGRAM # 2129, from the New Sounds Live Concert series (First aired on Thurs, 3/6/03)





Alloy Orchestra

New Sounds Live, World Financial Center Winter Garden, Jan. 21, 2003

South [50:00]

Not yet commercially available. For info on the Alloy Orcbestra's silent film scores, go to

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