Program #1896

Music inspired by or drawing from Balkan traditions is the focus of tonight's New Sounds. Host John Schaefer features the Sarajevo-born composer Goran Bregovic, who founded Bijelo Dugme, one of Yugoslavia's most successful and influential bands until their breakup in 1988. Also on tap is the Paradox Trio ingeniously melds jazz with the melodies, modes, and rhythms of Balkan, klezmer, and gypsy folk music traditions. And violinist and former Roxy Music member Eddie Jobson collaborated with the Bulgarian Women’s Choir Angelite in the stunning CD, Utopia.

PROGRAM # 1896, "Balkanization" (First aired on Wed. 3/7/01)





Matt Darriau's Paradox Trio

Flying At A Slant

Balkan Suite, excerpt [2:00]

Knitting Factory Works #206** (, 212-219-3006)

Matt Darriau

Paradox Trio

Pump Up The Goat [5:30]

Knitting Factory #171, see above.

Goran Bregovic

Underground (soundtrack): Ost

Underground Cocek [4:30]

Mercury #528 910, available as an import at,, try also's z-shop.

Matt Darriau's Paradox Trio

Flying At A Slant

Andaluz [8:00]

See above.

Farmers Market


Sloanitze [2:00]

Kirkelig Kulturverksted #148. Norwegian import; available online at (site is in Norwegian), or try

Norwegian music club, P.O. Box 144 Marine en St. Croix, MN 55047; 612-433-5083.

The Bulgarian Women's Choir - Angelite (with Eddie Jobson)

Voices of Life

Utopia [3:30]

Globe Media #2000-2**
OR available for purchase at*

Goran Bregovic


Cajesukarije-cocek [3:30]

See above.

Farmers Market


Vinze, Vinze [8:00]

See above.

Neil B. Rolnick

Macedonian Air Drumming

Balkanization [10:00]

Bridge #9030. In some stores, or

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