Program #2050

On this program, the simplest of musical forms - song - from reserved to the strange and unusual. Begin with South American songs sung by the German songstress Ute Lemper and hear a song recorded in the late Antonio Carlos Jobim's house and included on the CD, Casa, by Morelenbaum2 / Sakamoto (Paula Morelebaum, Jaques Morelenbaum, Ryuichi Sakamoto). Continue with works by The Roches, Ed Pastorini, Massive Attack, Solas, Alex Cline, and others. Also, Wilco and Nick Drake complete this idiosyncratic hour-long collection of songs.

PROGRAM #2050 Songs (First aired on 6/20/02)





Rinde Eckert

Do the Day Over


City of Tribes #007*, or in better stores** OR available for purchase at*

Ute Lemper

Live, WNYC 5/3/02

Oblivion [4:30]

This performance not commercially available.



As Praias Desertas


Morelenbaum2 / Sakamoto CD, "Casa", Sony 89982**. OR available for purchase at*

Sarah Pillow

Nuove Musiche

Il mio Cacente Ardore


Buckyball Music #007*, or in better stores**

Alex Cline Ensemble

The Constant Flame

Benediction [4:00]

Cryptogramophone #110*, or in better stores**

Massive Attack


Teardrop [5:30]

Virgin#45599** OR available for purchase at*


Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart [7:00]

Nonesuch#79669** OR available for purchase at*

Ed Pastorini

Private CD

Strange Lures [3:30]

Not commercially available. Pastorini has one CD, under the name 101 Crustaceans. It's available, along with some info, at

Nick Drake

Pink Moon

Pink Moon [2:00]

Hannibal/Rykodisc #4436** ( ) OR available for purchase at*

The Roches

The Roches

Hammond Song {5:30}

Warner Bros. #3298.**
OR available for purchase at*


The Edge of Silence

Clothes of Sand [4:00]

Shanachie#78046** OR available for purchase at*

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