Program #1891

Persian classical music has become increasingly familiar to Western ears, as it combines improvisation with a repertory of ancient melodies and quicksilver rhythms. The music ranges from the somber Ottoman sounds of the Lalezar Ensemble from Istanbul--with its stately melodies sung and played in unison on various reed and string instruments--to the ecstatic traditional classical singing of Mohammad Reza Shajarian. As we hear tonight, it also encompasses Iranian setarist Hossein Alizadeh, the bands Axiom of Choice and The Renaissance Players, and more.

PROGRAM #1891, The Persian Music Influence (First aired on 2/22/01)





Hossein Alizadeh

The Art of Improvisation

Zarbi-e shushtari, esfahan [4:30]

Wergo/Haus der Kultur der Welt, #SM1530** (should be available in better online music sources)

Mohammed Reza Shajarian

The Abu-Ata Concert

Dashtestani [2:30]

Kereshmeh Records #107. or


Music of the Sultans, Sufis, and Seraglio, Vol..III - Minority Composers

Ey nice daðlar baþýnda [4:00]

Traditional Crossroads #4303. or PO Box 20320, NY NY 10001-9992.

The Renaissance Players/Winsome Evans

Of Numbers And Miracles: Selected Cantigas de Santa Maria

O que pola Virgen leixa (Cantiga 124) [7:30]

Celestial Harmonies #13091**

M.R.Shajarian & Kayhan Kalhor

Night Silence Desert

Raom [8:30]

Traditional Crossroads #4299, see above.

Sussan Deyhim

Madman of God

Bade Saba [6:30]

Crammed Discs #craw22**

Axiom of Choice

Niya Yesh

Greener Than God's Dream [6:30]

Narada World #49289** ( ; 414-961-8350)

Jocelyn Pook

Portraits In Absentia

Hope In Adversity, excerpt [3:00]

Private recording, not commercially available. (Pook's CD Flood is on Virgin Records**.)

Alonzo King's LINES Contemporary Ballet

Sacred Texts

Rita Sahai: Spirit And Nature, excerpt [3:30]

Alonzo King's LINES Contemporary Ballet, 50 Oak St., 4th fl, San Francisco CA 94102. Ph 415-863-3040, fax 415-863-1180

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