Program #1890

John Schaefer presents selections from Kyle Gann's "Custer and Sitting Bull," a 35-minute work for voice, synthesizer and electronics, recounting the Battle of the Little Bighorn through historical texts. Words from Custer's memoir My Life on the Plains and his defense at his 1867 court martial combine with recorded speeches and interviews by Sitting Bull to highlight the complexities and contradictions of two opposing male egos. "Custer and Sitting Bull" uses alternating tuning systems in each movement, and in its sheer ambitiousness recalls the Harry Partch operas of the 1950s and '60s.

PROGRAM # 1890, from New Sounds Live at the Kitchen (First aired on Wed. 2/21/01)





Laurie Anderson

Talk Normal: The Laurie Anderson Anthology

Night Flight from Houston [1:30] Strange Angels [3:30] Lighting Out For The Territories [2:30]

Warner Archives/Rhino #76648** OR available for purchase at*

Kyle Gann

Live, The Kitchen, 12/6/00

Custer and Sitting Bull [37:00]

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Paul Dresher

Private CD

Jaisalmer, excerpt [2:30]

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