Program #1887

On this episode of New Sounds, we offer up international music performed by ensembles living in New York City. Highlights include music by James Nyoraku Schlefer, a performer and teacher of the Japanese bamboo flute known as the shakuhachi; Glen Velez, who created a musical style inspired by both Western percussion and frame drum performance styles from around the world - the Egyptian riq, the Irish bodhran, and the North African tar; Pachora, a Balkan-inspired jazz quartet that blends Near Eastern melodies with modern American music, plus works by Les Miserables Brass Band, ne-ne and much more.

PROGRAM # 1887, The World In New York (First aired on February 12, 2001)





Ned Rothenberg's Sync

Port Of Entry

Gamalong [9:30]

Intuition #3249** available for purchase at*


[a] [e] [o]

[a] [e] [o], excerpt (9:30)

HaDaKa Music, no #. ; ; ne-ne, 401 7th Ave., Brooklyn 11215

Mecca Bodega

Subway Stories

Subway Stories [5:00]

Hybrid #20005**

Les Miserables Brass Band

Manic Traditions

Jhanibar Di Panwan Chankar [4:00]

Northeastern #5004. Northeastern Rec's, PO Box 3589, Somerville MA 01701-0605

Glen Velez

Rhythmcolor Exotica

Pan Eros [5:00]

Ellipsis #4140. ELLIPSIS ARTS, 20 Lumber Rd., Roslyn, NY 11576; 800-788-6670



Unn [3:30]

Knitting Factory #230**. 212-219-3006 or

James Nyoraku Schlefer

Live, 1/1/01, WNYC studio

Brooklyn Sanya, condensed version [5:00]

Schlefer's CDs include Solstice Spirit, Sparkling Beatnik #0001. In some stores, or 1-800-636-2291 ;

Susan McKeown


Bonny Greenwoodside [2:30]

Green Linnet #GL1205**

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