Program #1862

Remember the turn of the millennium? Musicians were going the extra mile in their programming to celebrate Y2K, as this edition of New Sounds reminds us. We hear selections from the 2000 Bang On A Can Marathon concert at the Brooklyn Academy of Music with music by Scanner ("Electropollution"); Iva Bittova (Improvisation with "Huljet, Huljet"); Pamela Z ("Bone Music"); and the Finnish shouting choir Huutajat, shouting "Ratiritiralla." (Pictured right: Iva Bittova)

PROGRAM # 1862, from the Bang On A Can Marathon, 12/10/00 (First aired on 12/12/00)






Live, BAM, 12/10/00

Electropollution [17:30]

Scanner's CDs, including Lauwarm Instrumentals, 20 To 2000, Garden Is Full Of Metal, and Scanner Vs. Signs Ov Chaos, are available online and in various stores.** Scanner's website is


Live, BAM, 12/10/00

Ratiritiralla [3:00]

Huutujat's CDs are on the Bad Vugum label in Finland. or OR tel/fax (in Finland) +358-(0)50 331 6748

Iva Bittova

Live, BAM, 12/10/00

Improvisation with "Huljet, Huljet," "It Was The Night" and "Kazoo" [20:00]

Iva Bittova has several CDs, mostly released in Japan or Europe. Her sole US release, Iva Bittova, is Nonesuch #79455.** (available for purchase at*). Her website is

Pamela Z

Live, BAM, 12/10/00

Bone Music [8:00]

Pamela Z has several works on compilation CDs, and a solo CD due soon, which will include Bone Music. All the info is at her website,

For further information on bang on a can, and links to websites of the various artists involved in the marathon, go to their website at

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