Program #1880

In the spirit of Australia Day (January 26), host John Schaefer offers an assortment of works by leading composers from Down Under. Michael Askill is formerly the principal percussionist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and continues to write for that instrument family as in "Hand Stencils." Nigel Westlake’s music resonates with a mixture of classical, jazz, rock, ethnic and fusion influences as revealed in "Call Of The Wild." Tasmanian-born Peter Sculthorpe's works, including "Little Nourlangie," celebrate the unique social climate and physical characteristics of Australia. Other highlights include music by Ron Nagorcka and Robert Lloyd.

PROGRAM # 1880, new music from Australia (First aired on Australia Day, January 26, 2001)





Les Gilbert

Kakadu Billabong

Excerpt [5:00]

Natural Symphonies #131. Small World Music 116 30th Ave. Nashville, TN 37212, 800-757-2277.

Nigel Westlake


Call Of The Wild [4:00]

Tall Poppies #47. Tall Poppies Records, PO Box 373, Glebe NSW 2037, Australia

Adam Plack, Johnny "White Ant" Soames, et. al.

Dawn Until Dusk

Eagle Totem [4:00]

Australian Music International, #3003.

Riley Lee, Michael Askill, Michael Atherton

Shoalhaven Rise

Mangrove Hocket [4:00]

Black Sun #15019** Available for purchase at* OR

Matthew Doyle (and Mark Atkins, Alan Dargin, David Hudson)

The Sound of Gondwana

Hand Stencils [6:00]

Black Sun #15026.
Available for purchase at*

Michael Askill

Australian Percussion

Ross Edwards: Marimba Dances, #1 [3:30]

Celestial Harmonies #13085**
Available for purchase at

Peter Sculthorpe

Piano Concerto, Music For Japan, etc.

Little Nourlangie [4:00]

ABC Classics #454 513. Australian Broadcasting Corp. release; may be out of print, but the piece does appear on another CD,
Island Dreamings / String Quartets

Available for purchase at*

Various artists: Sarah Hopkins

Austral Voices

Songs of the Wind [1:30]

New Albion #028 ** Available for purchase at*

Various artists: Simon Walker

Music for Pianos, Percussion, and Synthesizers

Deep Space, excerpt [7:00]

OneMOne #1004. One M One Records, 234 North Rd, Eastwood NSW 2122. Fax (61) 2-887-1642

Various artists: Ros Bandt

Austral Voices

Genesis, excerpt [5:00]

See above.

Ron Nagorka

Secret Places

Requiem [4:00]

Ron Nagorka, RSD 999A, Birralee Tasmania 7303, Australia. Ph. 61-018-132990.

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