Program #1879

New York has more than its fair share of individualistic composers. Their music doesn't lend itself to easy categorization but nonetheless represents a host of raw, energetic, and idiosyncratic styles and genres. Host John Schaefer celebrates this fact on this edition of New Sounds, with music by some of the city’s finest musical voices. Highlights include music by Ben Neill; Andy Teirstein; Peter Gordon; and Martha Mooke and Randy Hudson (collectively known as Bowing) and the Paul Dresher Ensemble performing music by Eve Beglarian (from a 1997 New Sounds Live concert at Merkin Hall).

PROGRAM # 1879, new music from New York (First aired on Jan.24, 2001)





Ben Neill


Pentagram (La Mer Mix) [7:00]

Antilles #31842** ( or www.trilliumproductions/neill1.htm
Also available for purchase at*

Bowing (Martha Mooke & Randy Hudson)

Private CD

Café Mars, excerpt [7:00]

Info on ordering the 2002 CD Cafe Mars is at

Ben Neill


Pentagram (Undertow Mix) [7:00]

See above.

Paul Dresher Ensemble

New Sounds Live, Merkin Hall, 3/6/97

Eve Beglarian: Creating The World [12:00]

Not commercially recorded. Beglarian's other works are available on CRI records ( ) and OO Discs (

Andy Teirstein


Dreaming #2 [2:30] Mannahatta [6:00] Resolution [4:00]

Available at

Peter Gordon

Leningrad Xpress

Leningrad Xpress, excerpt [6:30]

NewTone #516702. Italian import. Info at ; may be available from online music sites.

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