Program #1884

The flute's universal appeal matches few other wind instruments, as this episode of New Sounds illustrates. Its application is often based on natural elements, such as Antonio Zepeda’s Mariposa de Obsidiana, or Stephan Micus’s Thirteen Eagles, an austere and ecstatic meditation on both the topography and idea of the desert. Bolivian orchestra Arawi blends flutes with whistles, strings, percussion, and bells in Imaraycu, from its New Albion CD The Doctrine of Cycles. And Japanese drum masters Kodo weave in some wildly mysterious flute sounds in Ibuki.

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PROGRAM # 1884, world music with flute(s) (First aired on Mon., 2/5/01)






Music of Ancient Rome, vol. 1

Animula Vagula [2:30]

Amiata (Italy) #1396. ; ph.(39) 564 95 06 42 fax (39) 564 95 06 93
Available for purchase at*


The Doctrine of Cycles

Imaraycu [2:00]

New Albion #029** Available for purchase at*


Tataku: The Best of Kodo, Vol. 2

Ibuki [5:00]

Sony Japan/Red Ink #13914** ed Ink, 79 Fifth Ave. NY NY 10003.
Available for purchase at*


Music of Ancient Rome, vol. 1

Tibia Duplex [2:00]

See above.

Antonio Zepeda

Espejo de la Noche

Mariposa de Obsidiana [3:30]

Producciones Fonograficas #0751. Available for purchase at*

Ned Rothenberg/Sync

Port Of Entry

Lost In A Blue Forest [7:30]

Intuition #3249** Available for purchase at*

Stephan Micus

Desert Poems

Thirteen Eagles [5:30]

ECM #1757**.
Available for purchase at


In A Distant Place

As Long As The Grass Grows [6:00]

Canyon #7042.
Available for purchase at*
800-268-1411; or



Music for an Ancient Greek Temple [7:30]

Point #454 056** Available for purchase at*

Stephan Micus

The Garden of Mirrors

Words of Truth, excerpt [3:30]

ECM #1632.
Available for purchase at

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