Program #2024

While Irish folk music is well-known to a broad public in the United States, that small country's contemporary composers struggle for greater recognition. As we hear through interviews and music recorded on location in Ireland, the new-music scene there is especially rich. We get a taste of the radiant vocals of Dublin-based choir Anúna (which recently embarked on its first-ever US tour) as well as such composers and performers as Daniel Figgis, Roger Doyle, Judith Ring, and Joanna MacGregor.

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PROGRAM #2024, Horizons, on Ireland's LYRIC FM. Special Edition (First aired on 3/26/02)





Niorin Ni Riain & Monks of Glenstal Abbey


Seacht nDolas [4:30] produced by Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin

Six Degress #214524441. ** Available at*

Joanna MacGregor (pf)

By the new time

Donnacha Dennehy : pAt

Silver Door - SIDO 010 CD
Available online

Daniel Figgis


Daniel Figgis: The Please Front [3:00]

Available at*

Judith Ring

By the new time

Judith Ring: Accumulation (Washing machine music) [3:30]

See above.

Roger Doyle

By the new time

The Idea and its Shadow[5:00]

See above.

Gerald Barry

Gerald Barry Orchestral Works

Barry: Chevaux de Frise, excerpt [2:00]

Marco Polo 1997. # 8.225006. Available at*

Kevin Volans (pf), Gerald Barry (pf)

Things that gain.

Barry: Ø, excerpt [2:00]

Black Box Music 1998. BBM1011. Available at*



Michael McGlynn:
When the War is Over [3:00]

Danú 012*
Available at*


Deep Dead Blue

Medieval, arr. Michael McGlynn: Nobilis Humilis [2:00]

Danú 007
Available online at OR Anúna
Box 4468, Churchtown, Dublin 14 Ireland

Donnacha Dennehy

Private CD - the Crash Ensemble

Junk Box Fraud, excerpt [3:00]

Not commercially available.

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