Program #1983

In what has become a cult holiday tradition, composer Phil Kline and a band of friends go "electronic caroling" through the streets of Greenwich Village with a parade of boomboxes. He calls the annual performance Unsilent Night, and it always manages to turn heads, even among seen-it-all New Yorkers. During the procession, each boombox plays a separate tape which is part of the overall piece - an effect Kline calls "a city block-long stereo system." On this edition of New Sounds, he drops by the studio to discuss the ten-year-old tradition. We also hear excerpts from the CD of the work, released on Cantaloupe Music.

PROGRAM # 1983 Holiday music with Phil Kline and the Andy Statman Trio
(First aired on 12/13/01)





Andy Statman

Hidden Light

Hidden Light [1:30]

Sony Classical #60814** *

Phil Kline

Unsilent Night

The Milky Way [9:00] The Crossing [3:00] From Light [4:00] Schönes Klang [5:30] Angels of Avenue A [3:30]

Cantaloupe Music #21005** or

Andy Statman Trio


Modzitz Melody [8:00]

Khuizimir Melody [3:00]

Cherokee Shuffle [9:00]

Statman's most recent CDs include "Hidden Light" (see above) and "Between Heaven and Earth - Music of the Jewish Mystics" on Shanachie Records ( )

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