Program #1858

From the New Sounds Live New York Guitar Festival series, it's a tribute to Michael Hedges (1953-1997). One of the most innovative and acclaimed solo guitarists of his era, self-described "violent acoustic" artist rose to success on the strength of a unique performing style which utilized harmonics and picking to create the impression of multiple guitars playing simultaneously. Those joining in the tribute include fellow Windham Hill artists George Winston and Michael Manring, and French guitarist Pierre Bensusan.

PROGRAM # 1858, The New Sounds Live Tribute to Michael Hedges (First aired on 12/2/00)





Michael Hedges

Aerial Boundaries

Bensusan, excerpt [1:30]

Windham Hill #1032** (PRMS* or other online sources)

George Winston

Live, Merkin Hall, 9/6/00

In The Evening Time [5:00]

Winston's solo piano CDs on Windham Hill are available in all stores or online. Also, see below.

Michael Manring

Live, Merkin Hall, 9/6/00

The Book of Living and Dying [4:00]

Available on his CD Book of Flame, on Alchemy Records** ; info on Manring's website at

Pierre Bensusan

Live, Merkin Hall, 9/6/00

So Long Michael [3:00]

Not commercially recorded. For info on Bensusan's 8 CDs, go to

Michael Hedges

Live, WNYC, May 1987

Silent Anticipations [2:30], Aerial Boundaries [4:30]

Hedges' CDs were all released on Windham Hill and are easily available in stores or online.

George Winston

Live, Merkin Hall, 9/6/00

Sassy [2:30] Scottish Medley [4:00]

George Winston's recordings of the masters of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar are available on-line from or call Windham Hill toll-free at1-888-649-4455. More info at - Winston's slack key website.

George Winston and Janet Ross

Live, Merkin Hall, 9/6/00

I Get Along Without You Very Well [4:30]

Not commercially available.

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