Program #1854

Tim Sparks's acclaimed 1999 album Neshamah blended traditional Jewish melodies from throughout Eastern Europe and the Middle East with his awe-inducing fast fingerwork. We hear Sparks in live versions of that repertoire, from a 2000 New Sounds Live performance at Merkin Hall. From that same evening, we hear the California Guitar Trio playing a whirlwind of instrumental styles--classical, rock, blues, jazz, country, as well as the quintessential California musical genre surf music--including original works and unusual arrangements of classics.

PROGRAM # 1854, from New Sounds Live at Merkin Hall (First aired on Wed., 11/22/00)





Tim Sparks

Live, 9/21/00

Meditation on the Baal Shem Tov's Melody [4:00]
Hamishah Asar [3:30]

Sparks's 2 CDs of Jewish music from around the world are Neshamah and Tanz, both available on Tzadik Records,

California Guitar Trio

Live, 9/21/00

Scramble [3:00] Melrose Avenue [3:00]
Punta Patri [3:20] Beethoven's Symphony #9, excerpt [7:30]
Rokudan [2:30]
Bohemian Rhapsody [4:30]
Caravan [4:00]
Eve [3:00]

CGT has numerous CDs, mostly on the Discipline Global Mobile label.** PRMS* or

The most recent is California Guitar Trio Rocks The West. For complete info, go to the trio's website at

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