Program #1850

On this installment of New Sounds, we look at the rich and stylish balancing act between traditional Eastern idioms and cutting-edge Western electronica. Featured are singer and bassist Sabah Habas Mustapha, co-founder of 3 Mustaphas 3, who delves deeply into Indonesian music on an excerpt from his exotic album So La Li. Moroccan trance and East London dance meet in a selection by Bachir Attar and Talvin Singh; England's Banco de Gaia brings a supple house beat to Egyptian music; and Paul Pena and Ondar collaborate to blend Tuvan throat-singing with American blues.
PROGRAM # 1850, Cross-cultural collaborations (First aired on 11-14-00)





Sabah Habas Mustapha & The Jugala All-Stars

So La Li

Ningal Gunung [5:00]

Omnium #2025.** (PRMS* or )

Master Musicians of Jajouka/Bachir Attar, with Talvin Singh

Master Musicians of Jajouka/Bachir Attar, with Talvin Singh

Searching for Passion [3:30]

Point #289 464 536** (PRMS* or )

Banco de Gaia


Seti I [6:30]

Six Degrees #657036 1034** (PRMS* or )


Tuva Talk

Tuva Talk, excerpt [2:30]

Tuva Much #019770. or

Kongar-ol Ondar


Demonstrations: Tuvan jaw harp [1:00] Szygyt [:30] Hoomei [1:00] Kargyraa [:30]

Ondar's Medley [4:00]

Ondar's Medley is on the CD "Genghis Blues," see below.

Paul Pena

Live (via telephone)

Kargyraa fragment [:30]


Kongar-ol Ondar & Paul Pena

Genghis Blues (soundtrack)

Kargyraa Moan [4:00]

Genghis Blues Soundbites [5:00]

Six Degrees #657036 1038** (PRMS* or )

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