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Mostly electronic music is on the menu for this New Sounds program. Hear detuned and ruined piano sounds, digitally sampled and made music by keyboardist, composer and improviser Annie Gosfield. Based on Bach, there's also a piece called "Sebastian’s Shadow" by Tom Hamilton. Then, listen for acoustic music from one of Canada's leading electronic music composers - Ann Southam, performed by percussionist Bevereley Johnston. What better end to the show than music from the pioneering Wendy Carlos (of "Switched on Bach" fame) - it's the recent creation "Tales of Heaven and Hell".

PROGRAM # 1587, Mostly Electronic Music (First aired on Tues. 10/27/98)





Annie Gosfield

Burnt Ivory and Loose Wires

The Manufacture of Tangled Ivory [10:30]

Tzadik #7040** (PRMS* or www.tzadik.com )

Tom Hamilton

Sebastian's Shadow

Region 2 [15:00]

Monroe Street #60103** (PRMS* or www.monroestreet.com )

Bevereley Johnston

Alternate Currents

A.Southam: Alternate Currents [11:00]

Centrediscs #6617. Centrediscs, 20 St. Joseph St., Toronto Ont, M4Y 1J9, Canada. 416-961-6601.

Wendy Carlos

Tales of Heaven and Hell

Seraphim [12:30]

East Side Digital #81352.** (PRMS* or www.noside.com/esd/ or esd@noside.com

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