Program #1849

SAVAE, the San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble, blends its seven voices with the traditional wind and percussion instruments of the Aztecs to create a spellbinding fusion of Renaissance European and Native Latin American cultures. We hear several selections from SAVAE's disc, "Guadalupe - Virgen de los Indios." The hypnotic rhythms of the Aztecs have also inspired the early-music vocal group the Hilliard Ensemble, evidenced in their rendition of "Quechua Song." Rounding out the show are selections by Antonio Zepeda, Horacio Franco, and Xochimoki.

PROGRAM # 1849, music inspired by the Aztecs, Mayas, etc. (First aired on 11/9/00)





SAVAE (San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble)

Guadalupe - Virgen de los Indios

Juantzin, Juan Diegotzin [:30]

Bay magalhi/Magalhi [4:00]

Iago #210.** PRMS* or Talking Taco Records, POB 781211, San Antonio TX 78278, or

Antonio Zepeda

Espejo de la Noche

Mariposa de Obsidiana [3:30]

El Polvo de la Nada [3:30]

Producciones Fonograficas #0751. Zepeda's CDs are only available in Mexico, but try online sources*.


Guadalupe - Virgen de los Indios

O virgen Maria [3:00]

See above.

Hilliard Ensemble/Jan Garbarek


Quechua Song [7:00]

ECM #1700/01** (PRMS* or )


Guadalupe - Virgen de los Indios

In il huicac cihuapille [2:00]

See above.

Antonio Zepeda

Espejo de la Noche

El Sueño [4:00]

See above.


Guadalupe - Virgen de los Indios

Abrase el reyna del cielo [2:00]

See above.


New Music Ancient Sources

Ollin Mecatl, excerpt [3:00]

1984 cassette, privately released and now unavailable.

Horacio Franco

Musica Mexicana para Flauta de Pico

Daniel Catan: Encantamiento [7:30]

Serie Siglo XX, Vol. 8. Mexican release, limited edition and probably unobtainable.

Popol Vuh

In the Gardens of Pharoah

Vuh, excerpt [4:00]

Celestial Harmonies #13008**

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