Program #1839

The Tetraktys--a triangular figure consisting of rows of one, two, three, and four dots--was sacred to Pythagoreans because it represents the first four numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 which, in turn, represent the four elements: fire, water, wind, earth. Got that? No matter - for the Italian percussion group, Tetrakis, the name represents the sum of artistic perspectives that are brought to the table for every performance. We hear this remarkable young ensemble in a performance recorded live at the WNYC studio.

PROGRAM # 1839, with Tetraktis, live (First aired on Wed. 10/11/00)






Millennium Bug

T. Briccetti: Musica Umbra, excerpt [1:30]

Pinkhouse #PHM 990330. Information available from Tetraktis's website,



Alice Gomez: Rainbows [8:00]

Giovanni Sollima: Millennium Bug, I - III [9:00]

Carlo Boccadoro: Aisha [11:30]

Piazzolla/arr. Maestrucci: Tango Suite for 2 guitars, movement 1 [6:00]

The Sollima and Boccadoro pieces appear on the above CD. The others are not yet recorded commercially.

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