Program #2005

Michael Gordon, David Lang, and Julia Wolfe--the triumvirate of New York composers known as Bang on a Can--write music that defies easy categorization. No work expresses this more than their multimedia piece, Lost Objects. The work may best be described as a poetic meditation of things "lost," from the mundane (as in the opening track, "I lost My Sock") to the historical (the American aviator Amelia Earhart) to the philosophical (the lost rituals of the creators' own Jewish heritage). The piece has its musical roots in the stage works of Steve Reich and John Adams, and is performed here by Bang on a Can, with help from DJ Spooky.
PROGRAM #2005, Lost Objects (First aired on Thurs. 2/7/02)





Bang On A Can (Michael Gordon, David Lang, Julia Wolfe)

Lost Objects

I Lost A Sock, excerpt [1:30] Acoustic Aphasia [4:00] Passenger Pigeon [5:00] Remix I [1:00] When Any Man [4:30] Remix III [1:00] We Were Enveloped [7:30] Lost Thing [5:30]

Teldec #84107** or *

Emil Zrihan


Maka Shelishit [7:30]

Piranha #1260. Possibly in better stores, or or *

Victoria Hanna

Private CD

Asher Yatzar - The Miracle of the Body [5:00]

Not commercially available.

Bronius Kutavièius

The Gates of Jerusalem

The Southern Gates, excerpt [4:00]

Dreyer-Gaido #21003. German release; or

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